Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hi,as you can see Sadie, my lab,and I are resting up for the rest of the day. The weekend was wonderful,  l sold 16 originals. Thank you all for your support, all my customers, The Artisan Guild, Ker Place, so many dear people, thank you.

As usual  I am wiped out, l thought we could rest in my recliner, of course,  Sadie has to bring along her chewy bone and then tosses it in the floor as far as
She can to see me try to reach it. If I don't she hangs her head like her heart is broken, I may have spoiled her a tiny bit.

I have one more  art show before Christmas, The Copper  Creations Open House on the 2nd Saturday in December. I have to slow down to revive for a few days.
I am teaching 2 classes this week if  we get enough students signed up.

Our son was home for Thanksgiving and Mama & Daddy came too. John  and Clay helped me break down at the show and clean before dinner. Wish Laura  could have been with us but so glad we got to visit on the phone.

I have my nativity set out bUT still  so much to do... I love Maywyn s post..

Take it slow,enjoy your holiday, blessings  and love to each of you, love, Diana


  1. Happiest Holidays! Congratulations on your sales! That's quite a good number. Sadie looks like she has her yes I'm spoiled face on. lol
    Thank you for the mention.

  2. Dear Diana-congratulations on your sales. What a wonderful success and your buyers are so blessed to have one of your lovely originals. Hope you and Sadie get some rest before the next show. Hugs!

  3. You did so good, girl !! You work so hard at this and deserve every bit.
    BTW love your previous post 11/25 ?
    I see your kittys tail on the painting... They are such nosy bodies ... lol !

  4. Sadie is so beautiful! I'm so glad about all your sales!


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