Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Little Hummingbird Watercolor

Soon Leaving, 8x10,framed, $99.

Sadie enjoying a cool day.
HI! I just finished my little hummingbird. This pumpkin is the same one from the last painting..from Mama's garden. It's been sitting on my art table but I'm going to put it on the dining room table now. The hummingbirds are here but it seems there aren't as many. Here they leave at the end of September to travel back to Mexico. I'll miss the little ones. I added another pumpkin shoulder so I could put the stem and him off center and it would look right. I think it's fine.

So far today Sadie has eaten: 1.My black and pink sock. rescued barely
                                             2, a pinecone, didn't swallow, just shredded
                                             3, a stick, the same
                                             4 the twist tie off the bread at lunch. Thank goodness I pried it out of her mouth,
                                             5.her regular food
                                             6 the cat's regular food, she wasn't supposed to
                                             7 Montana mud from the well
                                             8 one pebble from the driveway. I hope she didn't swallow that. I couldn't get to her in time..
What a dog... Have a happy weekend. Today the weather is perfect here. Sunny and cool.. just right. love to you,Diana Tell me what you are doing.


  1. I love your hummingbird. Sadie is adorable. They give us such pleasure don't they.

  2. Hi Diana,
    I laughed at the list of Sadie's gourmet diet!!! What a rascal!
    Your hummer is lovely! I am already missing the barn swallows, and they only left a few days ago. They are so cheerful. :)
    I must thank you for your comment on my blog post. I'm glad you love the heifer. They were all so cute and curious, and irresistible to paint.
    Kathryn XX

  3. Isn't puppyhood grand???? Love the mimic of the bird's body shape in the pour itself.

  4. What a gorgeous painting!
    I chuckled at your post Diana - You might like to read the post I put up today about Sherlocks antics! You will see that we are in the same boat! :0)

  5. Thank you Sandra, I did,everybody check out Sandra's blog..it's hilarious and so true!!! Hi Sherrie thank you, I didn't see that.. oh my.,Thank you Kathryn, I love your blog!,They do Kathy, so glad you are back, love to each of you,Diana

  6. Love the pumpkin painting D, and need I say about Sadie? She is beautiful but looks a bit put out today..She's trying to appeal to your generosity and says...'Sorry Mom'.
    Yes read Sandras' blog earlier, and it made me laugh ...

  7. Dear Diana - your pumpkin and hummingbird are so beautiful - makes me sad when they leave...mine left early this year and I miss them so much. As for Sadie - what can I say except it all goes with the territory of having a pup...my Shelby has eaten far worse in the eight mos. we have had her - so sounds like you are doing a bit better with Sadie than I have (LOL) - Looks to me like you are keeping a pretty good handle on it all!! Take care friend.


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