Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Harvest Festival, Veggie Painting, and Obedience Lessons

Hot and Sweet Peppers, 8x10,$99.

Sadie riding home.
HI, I completed my veggie painting. Harvest Festival, an all you can eat seafood feast and art show is next Wed. Oct.4th. I'll be showing my art there. I've been to all of them  except the year Daisy and a raccoon got fighting the morning of the show..I went to the vet with her instead and she was fine.....This year they are asking us to each bring our tents.. I'm not happy about the extra hauling..ah well..

So I'm trying to paint as much as I can and frame, too to get ready for the show. I'll have the veggie painting there.

I didn't tell you, Sadie has been taking obedient lessons.. from Kendra. She does so well there and does pretty good here. We've got to practice. Here we are riding home. I'm driving. But I'm pleased she actually now sits on her seat or in the back most of the time as we ride somewhere. She has learned to heel,walking next to me,pass another dog,sit, stay,come(well most/some of the time,in class yes). She's getting there.I enjoy her so much. What a blessing she is and so much company.

Next painting I'll do will be a little landscape,they seem to sell well. Hope so. love to you,Diana


  1. Nice color and light in the pepper painting
    Sadie looks happy to be riding in the car
    Happy Selling!

  2. It sounds like she is way ahead of Sherlock, lol! Your painting is wonderful :0)

  3. Gorgeous and crisp colors in the peppers. But it is always Sadie who steals the show here for me. And look how big she has gotten!!

  4. Gorgeous colors and shapes in your peppers, Diana! It sounds like you are going to be very busy the next while, with shows and training Sadie. :)
    Kathryn xx


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