Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tree Frog Visits at Midnite and Watermelon Watercolor

HI, I had so many new things to show you. First the watermelon.. it has iridescent paint from DaVinci on it.(I just finished it.( I will frame it to take to the class.) I didn't want to put the iridescent paint on my palette so today I went in the Dollar Tree and got a pill container. It has 7 days so I  put my iridescent paints in it and it's small.

This weekend,  I sketched the K9 doggie from the magazine ad into my sketchbook. I couldn't help myself. This is what my Daisy looked like as a puppy.

Last night, as I was getting a snack,with a mouth full of granola, I spotted a visitor on our kitchen window, a dear tree frog.So I took photos of him and started sketching fast.J. went on to bed,not me, how could I he was so cute- Well, the little frog resting now over top the window perhaps he'll come out tonight again.

I've got more paper to prepare with the masa. Some of it is done. I'll go work on that. take care, Diana


  1. Diana, he is related to the tiny one I just posted on my Art Hearts Journey blog.. go see when you have a sec...
    Love the sketch and all your other workings.
    glad to see your busy. BJ

  2. Diana, I called a number that was posted in front of a house on my route to work that had Lab puppies for sale. Of course, they had two left, both black. What they had already sold were two yellows and one chocolate puppy. Sigh... Still, I am keeping my eyes open out here and am willing to meet you halfway if we find one so you can pick it up!

    Love the drawing and find myself wondering why I can't seem to stay up until midnight or sleep past 4 a.m.

  3. BJ, thank you, He's adorable,your froggie, and your collage. I don't know how.. Dear Sherrie,I'm so sorry about your dog,so very sorry, thank you, you are a sweetheart to think of me, I'll find one, just you sending puppy thoughts and prayers this way will speed up the finding I know it. sending you both a hug love,Diana

  4. Hi Diana. I love the watermelon on the checkerboard - very striking. And the Da Vinci glitter is cool. As for the tree frog, I love them, too. Such a huge croak from such a tiny body. ;) I hope so much a sweet yellow Lab pup comes your way soon!


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