Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pushing for Inspiration

HI, Well, I just painted what was in front of me. I had brought this shell home from our beach trip. It's a blue mussel, I believe. I just laid it down and painted it and flipped it over and painted it again because both sides are beautiful. I used this iridescent powder.Keep it in old dog medicine bottles,just barely touch it with a wet brush. Add water and it gleams.Margaret gave it to me.

Thank you for your great suggestions. I'm just gonna keep painting. I did do a little gardening, I watered it and pulled a couple of weeds..but nature helps inspiration for me like you said. I'll just push..

I was delighted to find the little frog back this morning and so I took more photos.He? is on the wall by the back porch.

 Look-- This hibiscus is blooming. Before, my Daisy we had Sandy, a golden retriever as she got older she decided this plant was her bathroom.(I loved it so.) It was right by the back porch and I tried to keep her away from it but, no.. so it died.. now after 12 years(after Daisy)--with no signs of it. It has come back and is blooming.. Amazing.. I painted it years ago. I may have to again.

Puppies are due to be born this Friday but Tammy said her girls deliver a few days early, so I keep checking my email. I'll let you know I promise as soon as I know. I pray they are well and if I may have a light yellow one..some puppy to love.  :)

 talk to you soon.,Diana
so I'm going to fix a large iced tea and take some paper out there and look at the froggie.. thank you,


  1. Love the little shells but instantly thought the frog on the side of the house would be just an adorable painting. Interesting story about that flower!

  2. Beautiful painting of the mussel shells. That hibiscus is begging to be painted!
    Fingers crossed for the news ... x

  3. Dear Diana - such lovely shells - interesting about the iridescent powder. I am praying you will soon have a new puppy to love. Strange how that plant just came back after being dead - maybe it is a sign you will soon have a new one to love! Take care and God Bless.

  4. Diana, I love the painting of the mussels. And the frog, of course. One day I'll have to post photos of my frog collection. :) I'm happy to hear you're a bit out of the slump, and even happier to hear about the pups!! That is so odd about Daisy and the hibiscus.

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