Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cherry Tomato Watercolor and Busy Week

HI! Last week was a whirlwind. With the painters here, I was in the den as much as I could be-- with my set up table, painting this little watercolor of  checkerboard cherry tomatoes.  They were sweet guys but everywhere. They did a good job and now my living room is much brighter. We painted 2 walls a bright yellow called Forsythia yellow and the other walls and ceiling was "Butter". The tiny studio wall in the kitchen is "butter"as is the hall (which has a bookshelf built into it). J. said just paint around the books.. but I said NOOOooo.. and we had to move them all.So books were piled everywhere. I fell over a huge stack the first night.. Didn't hurt myself.. I just grumbled. So there was much talk of Butter and they even talked about Paula Dean,the southern cook on Food Network TV. She is quite a lady and loves to put butter in everything!  The men left me on Thursday evening and I do miss talking to them but the quiet is so very nice, too.

  My son and his girlfriend came on Friday after supper. So Friday I was zooming around -- getting groceries,cleaning... and making more brownies.I had made the painters a batch too.

 Saturday we all went to Chincoteague,Va. and Assateague,Va. We had dinner at  Ray's Shanty Restaurant. They have the best steamed shrimp and hush puppies(deep fried cornbread balls). Sunday, after lunch, they went home and J. and I read the rest of the day. I love to read.. so I haven't painted as much as I meant to but here is a photo of what I did in the den,a photo of the cute couple, and a photo of Chincoteague as we were going across the cause way. 

I'm exhausted! Wiped out.. leftovers for dinner and no cleaning here today. I may paint a little and read. What are you reading now? talk to you soon,Diana
ps. I did call a vet's about locating a puppy today and contacted another lab breeder,she will contact me when her next batch come in December. I hope to find one sooner.


  1. What a whirlwind your days have been! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Men...always looking for the easy way around doing a job right! LOL

  2. Well, good to see and hear from you..
    You'll have all that house back in shape,
    Always loved your checkerboard work and this is no exception..
    The Lab will come .. I just know it..
    and you'll love it.. hugs, BJ


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