Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, October 7, 2011

Stacked up and ready to roll-or wiped out and trying to get it together.

I'm packed. Well, actually I have the paintings stacked and ready to pack the car,J. insisted on packing it and I'm fine with that! He's going to in the morning. Show starts at noon--5pm. It's called the Onancock High School Falltacular Fun Day in Onancock,Va. Local Art show, barbecue dinner, and more. I've been resting this afternoon,drinking hot tea,I'm just tired and back is not up to par.. but I will be ready in the morning. How do you revive yourself--when you are wiped out--talk to you soon, have a great weekend. Diana
ps. Daisy is doing fine. Thank you for all your kindness. She received 19 emails asking about her.


  1. Good , your going and lets not have any more 'emergencies. One a week is enough.
    Glad Daisy is ok, Now get out there girl, and do your thing! Have a wonderful weekend.
    hugs, BJ

  2. Have a lovely day today....it's a great one for it! Been thinking of Daisy and glad to read she is doing well. Good luck with the show!


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