Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wren Finished

Hi, here is my Carolina Wren with the Red trumpet vine. I've used the vines to help your eyes go to the wren and seed pod. I also dropped some of the same Cadmium Red that I used to paint the flowers into the bird to highlight him.

This is from my flower patch in my backyard, forgive the weeds. They are just frothy background ( ha ha). Now I was surprised to see the stargazer lily blooming! I forgot I'd planted it. It's gorgeous!

well take care and have a wonderful weekend. Happy Fourth of July!
Talk to you soon,Diana

The art show continues until July 6Th at the Red Queen to see more photos of it -scroll down and hit "older posts". Thank you!

I just added a swirl of burnt sienna to the top right corner of the painting. This helps bring your eye back down to the focal point. I thought it needed it.!!


  1. I've seen the finished painting . It's gorgeous and just what I've come to expect from you ..
    The Carolina wren is the same kind that came and made a nest in my Staghorn fern, I posted on my Journey blog.. they are so funny.

  2. This is completely adorable!I really love it :0)


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