Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, June 17, 2011

Luna Moth Added to Bottles

hi! I've added a luna moth to the bottle painting. I love blues and greens together. On my walks I find one or two of these gorgeous moths each summer. They are so amazing. Pale green, almost transparent wings with a fuzzy white body.. I've straightened my bottles I've got to check that one on the side..

I like to start my day painting. How about you? I get up, get my coffee and sit down to my art table... It's so relaxing to have a paint brush in hand early...

Here is a photo of a daylily from my yard yesterday! It was the color of cantalope! wow.. I took photos but was so tempted to just sit down and paint. But we have some family coming this weekend and I'd better straighten the house up a little! Today it's scrunched up -- the flowers only last a day.. but there's a bud coming!

Hope you have a great weekend,relaxing and peaceful. talk to you soon,Diana

If you get a chance stop by my show at the Red Queen Gallery!


  1. Diana, I love the bottles. The colors are fantastic....I have a thing for blues and greens right now. I'll be following along to watch for more of your work.

  2. Stunning, Diana! And I love the addition of the Luna Moth. Good luck with your show!

  3. Love the painting of the bottles and your luna moth is the perfect accent, I am trying this summer to wake earlier, before kids are up, make my coffee and paint first thing (I guess that is second thing...after the coffee!?), it is very peaceful...chores later!


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