Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, June 23, 2011


HI, sorry I haven't posted lately. Yesterday I had an appointment across the bay. You see ,I live on the Eastern Shore of Va., which is a small peninsula of land surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and it's lovely here with it's calming nature,farm land and fishing but it's not a big city so sometimes we end up going "across the bay' to specialty shop and do errands, so that was what I did yesterday. I bought some wonderful watercolor paper, and got some student grade for our family trip so the kids can enjoy painting with me. I also went to Sam's and stocked up on groceries and things.. it was a busy time. Today I didn't get to paint because of more errands here on the shore.. but tomorrow.. AH- I'm going to try out my new paper. These 2 photos are some painting I did a few years ago. This is my Hawaii series and the second is a couple of my tractors and a day lily painting. I have done some sketching but not really delved into a new painting!Tomorrow!

Talk to you soon! Diana


  1. Oh, you are so forgiven.. !!! gave me a chance to see these wonderful watercolors that you pulled out from God knows where !!!!
    Paint away !!!
    ps, my Angie is not doing well.. I am hoping she will be with me for a while .. she's my world .. yes.. BJ
    thanks D ,for always visiting ..

  2. Thank you BJ, I'm praying Angie will feel better and be with you for a longer time. I know just what you mean. love,Diana

  3. Diana, just to let you know your blog post showed up on my 'blogs I follow' but when I went to get on it ... it shows your last post ( Hawaii, and can't find you... probably a temp thing.. hope so anyway.. BJ


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