Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, November 8, 2010

Terry's 50th Surprise Birthday Party!!

Hi! Well the surprise I was going to on Sunday was my sister,Terry,'s 50th birthday party. Her husband gave her a wonderful surprise luncheon at a restaurant in Richmond,Va. We live 3 hours away so my parents and I traveled to Terry's home and spent the day with her and family wishing her a Happy 50TH! She is pictured with me and her daughter, my father and mother, her husband and son and my father and my son. Lots of pictures.. I did begin a painting today but will leave that for another post.. I did so want to show you her fun birthday.. take care, talk soon, and happy Birthday Terry! Diana

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  1. Oh my goodness. going through your blog and although I'm not goint to post a comment on every single one.... Happy Birthday to your
    sister... I remember my surprise 50th! that was a while back ..I was already way past that then. LOL !


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