Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bazaar-Watercolors and Chicken Salad

HI, here is my fall wall. My gallery wall getting ready for more shows. Next is Craddockville Methodist Church Bazaar(this is my church) next Saturday, November 13 from 8am on. Which means if you want the most wonderful baked goods and homemade chicken salad to die for- you had better be there at 7:45am and poised with arms and feet in the running position.. haha. ok.. I'm exagerating but really just a little.. these women are serious and ready to get Miss Charlottes homemade rolls( they melt in your mouth) and Gran's chocolate pound cake( this will not be there as Gran passed away in May-- but her love will be there- she loved this church and bazaar).A silent auction with one of my originals will be there as well.. all the money earned will be given to the local folks who need help.

I will be there manning the White Elephant table-- selling odds and ends and such.. and also

I will have my booth of my beautiful watercolors there.Hope you can come. It will be fun it always is. Lunch can be hotdogs with onions and coffee and donuts..

The other photos is a tip.. for watercolor artists. When you want to dry your watercolor and do not want to use the hairdryer which can move the paint around if it's super wet I use my clothes dryer. Just put the painting on top and as you are drying your clothes your painting dries. This is great too for masa or rice paper application to your watercolor paper.One of my students as I had suggested put her masa paper applied to her watercolor paper outside in the sun to dry.. unfortunately it blew away and she still hasn't found it. That was a few years ago..alas.. the problems of a painter.. take care, have a good weekend.. I'm doing something special tomorrow but I can't tell until later.. it's a surprize.. don't tell.. Diana


  1. Thank you Carol and Kathy, oh boy they do have some wonderful goodies.. Diana

  2. Sounds like a wonderful and delicious event and maybe we can make it on Saturday if we get caught up on some of our yard chores.


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