Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Begonia Watercolor,Delivering Work, and Sadie and the Christmas Tree

HI, I've been working on the little begonia painting at the top. I bought this flower early in the summer and it's been on the back porch where I can see it from the kitchen window as I wash my dishes. The bright orange is so vivid. I drew a little hummingbird to the side of the flower this morning. They--the hummingbirds-- will only be here for another month, usually leaving in September. All summer long I buy sugar just for their feeders!

These two paintings I delivered to The Hermitage in Onancock,Va. yesterday. The Eastern Shore Art League has a lovely display of art there.

A Sadie story of course.. I must tell you this silliness.. She and I were walking in the woods. ( After our Christmas Tree dies-- I place it back in the woods for the birds to use as cover or whatever.) Sadie,found the trees, grabbed one, and hauled it back into the backyard.. I was pulling on one end--and she the other.. tug of Christmas tree war.. She is so very strong and I'm not.. sheesh --where did my strength go.. anyway.. TOOT-- The United Parcel Man. UPS.. pulled up( he must have a package for John?), she stopped ,and darted for the front yard ,I slung the tree into the woods and ran to protect the UPS man.from the fuzzy yellow lab!!.Ha ha,,. If only I did cartoons..

Talk to you soon,Love to each of you,Diana


  1. LOL!
    That would have been something to see on video, you and Sadie tugging away at a Christmas tree going through the woods. Its hilarious. And a maybe painting?
    Your paintings are beautiful.

  2. I can sure see that Sadie is your bestest friend. What laughter she brings you, Diana. That is such a gift. The painting, as always, is beautiful.

  3. Oh how funny! Sherlock's antics are wearing me out. I'm sure I have aged ten years in the last few months!
    Lovely painting too... I wish we had Humming Birds over here :0)

  4. Hi Sandra, I know I'm exhausted.. puppies are so energetic, oh you would love the little birds, Hi Sherrie, yes she is, ha ha.. sometimes exasperating but always so loving. I hope you keep your blog, I'll miss you.Thank you Maywyn, It was a scream. I may try to sketch it. ha ha.. thank you all , love,Diana


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