Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Painting

Willis Wharf, 8x10 framed, $99

 Look how big Sadie is!! Fifty two pounds!

Two to Go to Display
HI! I did a small landscape this weekend. Willis Wharf. I enjoyed making the colors like fall and doing the little building with dry brush and that Daniel Smith Lunar Black,which is granulated.. I'll be in the Harvest Festival in October and Trisha of the Chamber of Commerce called Friday and asked me to place 2 paintings at the Visitors Center in New Church,Va. They will be having 2 pieces of art from each artist showing at the Harvest Festival. I will deliver them to Melfa tomorrow. These are the paintings I've chosen. I wanted it to be as much Eastern Shore as possible. The Blue Heron and ES Sunset.  I'm honored to have my work there.

 I haven't been able to decide what to paint lately. I need a zap to get it going.. what are you painting? What has inspired you lately??

 love to you,Diana


  1. Your landscape is lovely! Sadie grew so fast, what a pretty girl!

    I'm working on parrot tulips for my Christmas card. I'll post another progress shot tomorrow.

  2. Willis Wharf is gorgeous, Diana! I love when you paint in this style. Sadie is a beautiful girl too.

  3. Beautiful landscape and congratulations on your other two works! Your Sadie looks healthy and happy!
    I am painting some geraniums before summer ends.

  4. starting at the top.... really nice landscape.
    Sadie ? what can I say... ? she's beautiful and I want to hug her.
    congrats on your work, of course they want you !!!! No surprises there !!!!
    hugs BJ
    p.s. the painting passion for now is not there , but I think I've had a twinge. LOL !!!

  5. Diana - your wharf is lovely and I like the fall foliage you put in on the side and reflected in the water. As always so very fresh. One would never think you lack inspiration. 52 pounds of joy I am sure...she is starting to catch up to my "know who". Take care and have a great day.

  6. Sherlock was 51Lbs a couple of weeks ago, so they are very close! Haven't they grown so quickly!
    Your paintings are beautiful!! I'm still working on bear number 8 :0)

  7. Hi Diana,
    Sadie really is a big girl! She looks so healthy in your photo. :)
    Your paintings look so very striking up on the wall!
    As for inspiration ... anything but landscapes. :)

  8. Hi Kathryn, I love your cocker spaniel!, Hi Sandra, Oh he's getting big too!! Your bears are wonderful! Hi Debbie , I know your puppy is gorgeous.I love seeing him too!!Thank you!, Hi BJ hope you are feeling much better.love your foot painting!! ha ha.. you are something special!! HI Celia, thank you, I like geraniums too.. I know I'm trying to get some last summer flowers, take care!,Thank you Sherry, so glad you like it, thank you, Hi Carol, I love your tulips, wow.. sending you each a hug, love to you,Diana


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