Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pansy Watercolor , Dear Rudy,and Puppies

HI, I've spent most of the day at the veterinarian's ,Rudy,our 19 year old cat hasn't been feeling well so she had blood work and they found she is Hyperthyroid. So we came home with kitty pills.. oooh I hate giving a cat a pill and I've sat down with a cup of coffee,of course and started a little pansy painting. I hope to fill the paper with different color pansies. These Johnny Jump Ups were from my flower garden and the white one too. I love seeing a palette in use. Here is mine.. It makes me happy to hold my paint brush and put color all over the palette. Hope you have a slathering paint kind of weekend.. love to  you,Diana

The Puppies are 7 days old today!!!OH.. here's another puppy photo.. :) ps the UPS fellow stopped by last night..around 8pm to deliver a package. It was dark outside and I ran out waving the photo of the puppies.. He knew Daisy and knew we were waiting for a dear little one.. We were out there looking at the photo by the lamp in the yard.. :) Ha ha..


  1. wow....a puppycat last...so happy for you
    and celebration with pansies...top!

  2. Well wishes to Rudy
    Good luck with giving Rudy the pills
    Its not easy to tell the painted from the real pansy.


  3. Dear Diana - those puppies look so precious. I can imagine your excitement...hope Rudy will be okay. I know what you mean about giving a kitty a pill - yuk! Good luck...Love your johnny jump up and the colors on your palette. Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. Hah! I love that you are kind of friends with the UPS guy! I love seeing the babies too! The pansies are looking amazing, Diana. Glad they found the problem with your kitty!

  5. Lovely pansy! Good luck with Rudy & try putting the pill in cream cheese or liverwurst.

    Look at those gorgeous fat little puppies! How will you ever choose?

    No painting this weekend...I'm just home from Florida...so much unpacking to do.

    My cats work me up four times last night. They're happy we're home!

  6. A perfect subject for the countdown to spring :0) And those puppies are SO cute!
    We used to have to hide our dogs pills in a Marmite sandwich - It was the only thing strong enough to disguise the taste! :0)

  7. I sympathize with giving a cat pills. I had to give insulin injections to one I was cat-sitting. And of course, the puppies are adorable! :)


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