Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daffodils and Mini Landscape of Onancock

Well. I got the camera to work.  I just took a bike ride in the sunshine. I thought it was supposed to be warm and it's 39 degrees out there.. cool. ha.. Perhaps it helped me pedal faster.  :)

 Here is the little daffodil I painted from flowers from Mama and Daddy's yard. I started the painting all wrong but needed to paint so I just drew a daffodil and painted  it then added more.. I like the way it did come out.  The next photo is the beginnings of a mini Eastern Shore Landscape watercolor.. It's Onancock. I took this reference photo last year. I'll go back to that after I finish saying Hi!

 The puppies will go for their first vet check this week. They'll be 3 weeks old. Time is flying by!! My son is coming home this weekend. Daddy is doing ok. My sister is coming tomorrow to see him and us. Thank you all for your concern for Daddy and your love and support . It means so very much.

 talk to you soon,love,Diana 


  1. Wonderful Dafs but im looking forward to the finished scene. I love your rendition of trees

  2. Missed your post about your dad, and sorry to hear this news. It' tough to see our parents get to that place..
    Your paintings as usual are everything I like.
    hugs, hey and congrats on your sales...
    whoopeeee we do like that!!! BJ

  3. Prayers to your Dad

    Lovely paintings.
    I admit, I'm anxious to see the new puppy.

  4. PUPPIES!!! Soon!!! Well at least a look see at them is coming up. :-) Those orange center daffodils look amazing. I'm getting anxious to see the real ones start blooming.

    Take it one day at a time with your Dad. So glad this was a good one.


  5. Flowers are pretty but I definitely am loving that landscape in progress. You make it look so effortless!

  6. The daffodils are just beautiful! And so 'Diana'! I think I'd recognize your work anywhere :0)
    Best wishes to your Dad... x


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