Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pansies and a Raccoon, Fox,and Possum,Oh My!

HI, I've painted pansies and sprinkled salt on them for fun,today.

 Last night about dusk we had critter visitors. The kind I don't want to come back when Rudy or the new pup are outside. First a raccoon came by, a large one, after he had some cat food , a red fox took a turn, and then a rather large possum wattled by and ate. No cat food out there tonight.. they were not afraid of me. I went out the backdoor and they turned as if to say.. oh it's you. so what.. Wish I could have taken photos.. but it was dark and then darker.  The pansies still need finishing but I must cook some dinner. talk to you soon, Diana

 Rudy,our kitty, is doing better and yes I'm shoving the pill down her throat pretty well..


  1. Love the critter stories, but I know what your saying about them coming by even though it's such fun,
    The puppies are beautiful, I'm so excited for you ,.make sure you share it all with me..
    Yaaaay ! we're havin' puppies. !!
    Sorry about Rudy, I didn't think he was that old.. wow ! hope he gets better.. BJ

  2. Wonderful pansies. I also love the one below. very delicate indeed

  3. Oh I do so love that you captured the veins in the petals, Diana. These are really beautiful! Glad to hear that Rudy is feeling better and personally, I wish I'd seen the fox, the raccoon and the opossum out there eating!

  4. Your pansies are so much fun. I'm so happy that you have a new puppy in your life! I know that it must bring you joy.
    Sorry I haven't made any comments for a long time. I hope to e back on track here soon.

  5. I really miss my dog. She died a year ago on Christmas day :0(
    But I can't bring my self to get another... Maybe one day.
    Your pansies are gorgeous!

  6. I'm so sorry about your dog Sandra,I know exactly how you feel.,Hi Kathy, I'm so sorry your husband has been sick but glad to hear he's doing better.thank you ,your shell painting is beautiful.Thanks Sherry, I did enjoy seeing them too. They were beautiful, you know the fox had to be at least 2 and 1/2 feet long. Gorgeous animals.. all of them.Rudy is doing much better.Thank you,Thank you Paul. I love flowers.Thanks Barbra Joan, Rudy is better. and me too. I'm so excited about the puppies. Each day I keep checking the email for more photos from Kendra..love to all of you,Diana

  7. Diana, your pansies are really off to a great start!
    My, you do have a lot of critters out there, looking for food. :)

  8. The pansy painting is lovely, they are wonderful colourful flowers, just what we need after winter. Spring is really happening here, had such welcome sunshine and all my spring bulbs have grown.
    Glad to hear the puppies have arrived, you must be thrilled.
    Putting food outside does attract animals, you have to be careful as you never know which ones! Mine was usually a hedgehog, no danger here.


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