Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two New Watercolors

Here are 2 new 8x10s. I did the roses today,I drew them last night. The actual flowers are wilted terribly.. but I'll put the heads of the roses in a bowl tomorrow and enjoy just the petals for a few days. They seem to smell more now. The little landscape is from a paint out. I took photos of Harborton,Va. when the Eastern Shore Art League(ESAL) went to Jennie Budd's lovely home and garden. This is from one of those photos.

 I need to get framing,this weekend I have the show at the Eastern Shore Community College-The Heritage Festival. It will include an old tractor display and lots of local history of the ES.as well as 30 local artists and our work  plus that Saturday night is the opening of the ESAL Almost Spring Show at the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock,Va. I've got to frame my 2 paintings in the morning I ran out of time today and of course I've changed my mind. I 'll be entering the roses watercolor in the last post and the orchids.  I always put down silly names that can be most anything. This time it's Spring and Finding Spring.  Ha ha.. it works.. when I finally find what to paint!

 Hope you all are painting up a storm and enjoying each moment of it. Tell me what you are painting or doing. Talk to you soon,Diana

No word from the puppy!


  1. Diana both of these pieces are beautiful. Sounds like you are going to be busy with the framing. Hope your art show goes well. Take care and have a wonderful day friend.

  2. Good Evening, Diana!

    These two paintings are truly fine. I especially love the red roofs. And don't those roses smell richer as they age!!! It's hard to toss them because of it. Hope all the framing goes well. That's my least favorite part.

    I anxiously await word of puppies. Poppy is keeping me hopping this week. But I can't blame her for not getting much painting done. Just can't seem to settle at the "drawing table."

    Have a great time at the show.


  3. Work work work! Seems all I manage during the week. Both of these pieces are wonderful. I am really drawn to the roses.

  4. Hi D... I'm running out of adjectives for your work, but you know I"m a big fan of yours.
    Both are very good. I think I've gotten to know your work that I could tell it anywhwere.
    I've been painting every day even though some are small.. and have been battling a cold .. but nothing I can't handle... lol !

  5. Good luck with the shows, Diana.
    What is happening with the pups?

  6. Thanks Debbie, I just finished the 2 framing for this show today.Not my favorite thing to do! :)So happy for your new little one, congratulations.. keep telling us what he's doing!!,hi Nanina, I just heard that Sarah -Mama Dog-- is nesting. She's shredding newspaper.. I'm excited!Thank you Sherry, I like the Roses best too,Hi BJ. Chicken soup and rest up ! Hope you feel better soon. Well I'd better get up the road.. love to you all,Diana

  7. This is so beautiful drawing. You are great artist.

  8. The roses are lovely, lucky you getting such a sweet valentine surprise. I am sp pleased you are getting a new puppy, you must be so excited.
    I visited last week, had a really good read and look at all your flower paintings. My comment somehow never posted!
    Your work is always so fresh and a delight to see. And I am sure all your students love your painting classes.
    Best wishes, millyx


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