Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, February 22, 2013

For Heritage Festival Tomorrow!

HI! Yesterday I got 5 paintings framed. This morning I did 2 and I've been working on this chicken ever since.  I'm trying to get ready for the The Heritage Festival at The Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa,Va. on the Eastern Shore.  I'm getting there slowly. Last night I realized I didn't have a chicken,a chicken watercolor. So I sketched this one in my sketchbook. It was a fun sketch not a every detail kind of thing.. so I've almost got him painted. I'm waiting for the first glaze of the background to dry then I'll go back and hopefully only put one more glaze on it.

 Then frame that one and 3 more, I grumble the whole time I do it. If I were a millionaire I'd have all mine framed by a personal framer. Wouldn't that be fun!!:)

  The show info is up in the right hand corner of my blog and the hours are from 10am-3pm Feb.23 which is tomorrow. John said it's going to rain.. he's so comforting.. the rascal.  It might not.. ok it's supposed to heavily rain but I hope we will have a nice crowd anyway.  Oh dear.. what are you going to do.. right..

 While the chicken (yes -- the painting) was drying I managed to load the racks in the car.  My back is not good and I have sciatica but I thought it would help to have that part done.  John won't put the paintings in until just before we leave.So wish me luck and yes  ESAL has an opening at Red Queen at 5pm. So I may be laying under a tree by Sunday!  :) I'm kidding.. probably.

 OOOH puppy news..  check out Debbie's new baby on the blog list..he's adorable Her blog is View From Harmony Hills.

and my puppy news. Sarah, the mama dog is nesting, she was tearing up newspapers yesterday and Kendra said she is huge! I think it will be soon. I'll let you know. love,Diana 


  1. Wundervoller und prächtiger Hahn.
    Liebe Grüße Kerstin

  2. Your paintings are lovely! I looked over your past posts and enjoyed the flowers the most!

  3. Your paintings for the show look wonderful. This chicken looks like he wants to tell us something and your roses are beautiful!
    Best wishes, Celia

  4. Bravo! Getting all those frames done. The chicken is fantastic!
    Praying for no rain. Hope you have a wonderful (and profitable) time.

  5. Love the sketched version of the chicken; so much character! I'm even more excited about the puppy! I know you've been waiting a long long time!

  6. Oh I LOVE your chicken! It really made me chuckle! Such character in that face and you've painted it perfectly!
    Sending lots of luck to you - not that you will need it, I'm sure :0)


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