Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, January 24, 2011

Things that Brighten my Grey Winter Day

Things that Brighten my Grey Winter Day

1. A walk in the stillness of the air that precedes snow! ( just a tiny snow!)
2. Feel of a paintbrush in my hand
3. Warmth of a gas fireplace
4. Yellow
5. Daisy's (our lab) snores as I paint
6. Dusty's (our second dog) polka dotted nose
7. My husband's laugh
8. Hot Coffee
9. Beginning of a new daffodil painting.. that makes me think of spring!

What are somethings that brighten your grey winter days?? Talk to you soon, here is the beginning of a small daffodil painting. Take care,Diana


  1. Painting in yellows. oranges and reds!!! Dafodils will do!

  2. carrot popsicles for breakfast :)

  3. thank you Kathy, I agree!, Hi Anya, you silly pony you! love,Diana

  4. 1. A Cuddly Bathrobe and Slippers.
    2. My husband teasing me.
    3. A grandchild saying "I love you Meme".
    4. The sound of a hardy laugh.
    5. A friend giving me a hug.
    6. A phone call from my children.
    7. Painting and forgetting what time it is.
    8. Cooking smells.
    9. Watching the birds at the feeders.
    10.The love I feel each day from God.

  5. There are so many day brighteners, but a few for me:
    - Talking to a friend
    - Reading for hours in a favorite chair
    - Watching an old movie
    - Grenville being silly
    - Bird watching
    - Cooking something new

  6. thank you Marty and Beatrice, they are wonderful day brighteners for our winter days, take care, Diana


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