Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be Careful What You Do on New Years Day!!

Hi, Happy New Year!! I want to wish each of you a wonderful new year and thank you for your comments and support thru this blog. You are my friends and I have enjoyed visiting with you! Thank you!!

This Christmas for me was especially hard without Gran. I still miss her so much. We all do. Christmas Day it started snowing here and living on the Eastern Shore we don't usually get much snow. It was a blizzard, 16 inches of snow. We were snowed in for 2-3 days. I posted a photo of the snow falling!

Here are some of the wonderful Christmas cards I received over the years from artists friends. Guy Wilkins, Ruth, and Barbara Schmidt. Also pictured is the inside of Guy's card this year which is what we all should wish for this upcoming year, Joy in each day!!

Yesterday when I got home from the grocery store J. said come quick.. I knew something was wrong. He said you won't believe this but we have a deer under the back porch. Dusty had broken out in a howl so J. went to see what it was and found 3 small dogs under the porch growling and barking, he frightened them away and a deer head appeared beside the porch. The white tailed buck had a puncture in his leg and I went out and stood next to him-while he was laying by the porch,I talked softly to him, hoping to soothe him. He was gorgeous, his eyes clear and very much afraid but still.. such an amazing animal. He had one antler, the other had fallen off. He ran off into the woods and we followed for awhile but he appeared to run well and we hope he is all right, I've thought of him a lot today. It truly is wonderful to be near nature.

Last night at 1am I worked on my cyclamen painting for awhile. I've added a few leaves and drawn some more. I feel a painting must evolve.. so I'll see where it goes. You know Gran always said whatever you do on New Years Day you will do the rest of the year.. so be careful what you do!! Hope you will be painting or creating! Happy New Year! talk to you soon, Diana


  1. Happy New Year to you too Diana. You are one of my new friends this year and it has been a pleasure following your blog. Thanks for sharing all you do with us. May 2011 be a good year for us all.

  2. Diana, thank you for all your kind comments and wishes for the New Year. I love your pot today, sad for the deer but you know they are pretty hardy and sounds like it might be alright. Like you, when I see something like that can't get it out of my mind..
    Also, how funny that my grandmother used to say the same thing.. about New Years Day.!
    Do you think they knew each other??? Have the best New Year..

  3. Happy New Year. Isn't it sad when you see an injured animal, hope it is okay.
    Well I guess your Gran is right with me, I have started a drawing project I hope to continue all year. Happy painting for 2011.

  4. thank you Kathy, You are one of my new friends too.I'm blessed to have you.Barbra Joan, I know just what you mean about the deer. I did see deer tracks yesterday so I'm hoping he's ok.Our Gran's were probably right! thank you for being there for me. Milly, thank you for your comment you have a wonderful New Years too, Everyone of you blessings this new year and thank you for being my friend and support. love to Kathy, Barbra Joan and Milly,Diana

  5. What a wonderful memory of your Gran. I know how much she meant to you. LYF, Marty


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