Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stargazer,Daddy,Lotus Blossom Class


SADIE has had some allergy problems after lots of pills she is better. 

Here is Daddy and me hope you all had a nice Father Day.

Hi Everyone,  I don't  know  where time goes. It just does. We had a pretty violent thunderstorm tonight. Poor Sylvester was terrified.  She is fine now. I am painting every day, here is my new Stargazer Lily.  Today I sent off my email about my CLASS this weekend at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  Lotus Blossom and Japanese Garden.  The flowers are larger than a dinner plate, just gorgeous.  I just love them. I send an email for each class I teach and for each show. This really helps remind everyone. I am so thankful they come.
Daddy  seemed to have a nice Fathers Day.
Enjoy your beautiful  gardens and painting them, love to you, Diana 


  1. I wish we lived closer too! I'd certainly be in your classes! The lily painting is gorgeous!

  2. Oh Diana - your Stargazer Lily is divine. Like Debra I too wish I could come take one of your classes. Glad to read Sadie is doing better and Sylvester looks a lot like my Scooter. Isn't he cute!! Hugs

  3. Diana, your lily is beautiful! Your furry kids are darling!


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