Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Painting our Trees

My Snowy Woods, 16x 20 , $330

Painting on the porch with Sadie 

Sadie, napping 
Hi Everyone,  I have been painting.  New work in Lemon Tree Gallery in Cape Charles and new work in Red Queen Gallery in Onancock. I ordered 5 new brushes,rounds from Loew Cornell.  I always enjoy  playing with new brushes. I just finished painting the trees, since we had the trees cut I have really wanted to do this.

Sadie is doing fine, she and I saw 3 white tailed deer Thursday night at dusk, they were beautiful.  Sadie ran after them, I followed, she soon gave up. Thank goodness.

I start a new class at ESO in Belle Haven this Tuesday.  Wet in Wet. I am looking forward to this.  Well night ,  I am tired how about you, have a wonderful weekend, love, Diana


  1. Your snowy woods is beautiful Diana. Looks like my kind of spot to paint too. As for Sadie she seems rather ticketed out from her escapades: )! Have lots of fun in your new class. Xo xo!

  2. Hello Diana, I see your painting such lovely work.. They are a joy to see.
    As for Sadie I'm just happy that she's sleeping and staying out of trouble.
    I'm ok, and am just coming out of the fog.. I've just joined the local Tallahassee Watercolor Society. About time !! I think I'm about ready to join the human race again, and nothing does that for me better than other artists. Keep painting, it always makes me smile.

  3. So lovely and flowing! Happy Weekend :)


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