Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Wing Painted!!!

Hi, I got a wing painted. A little hummingbird wing in this watercolor, I'm so happy. I did this during puppy nap time. I used iridescent watercolor paint with my watercolors.Love that these birds are so iridescent and vivid themselves. The hummingbirds are coming constantly through my back porch, up, down, to one feeder, then the next. It's a circus in and around the porch. I enjoy it so much.

 I've got to put flowers in the watercolor with the hummingbird. It's a commission and I need to get it done. But as you know so much has been going on with Mama in the hospital, she is doing much better today.

 I had to do my grocery shopping this afternoon. Sadie,the lab puppy, got a new lion from the store. It's a squeaky toy and she squeaked it constantly until I opened the refrigerator to put the eggs away... and I looked she had put it on the bottom shelf and laid down in front of it.. I had to take a photo.. so cute, here she is at the window by my art table,waiting for John this morning. I am so hoping she'll doze off so I can work on the painting! ha.. ha.. Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous summer day! love to you,Diana


  1. Well wishes to your Mom

    I didn't notice the lion until I read your post!
    That has to be a painting in waiting.

  2. Dear Diana - sorry to hear about your Mom...I will be looking up for her and you. Looks to me that Sadie is doing some looking too. Your painting of the Hummer is gorgeous. I just finished watching a program about these fascinating birds on PBS - amazing sweeties and you paint them so well. Take care.

  3. I love, love the iridescence added to the hummingbird! The colors are spectacular, Diana. That puppy is priceless. I'm relieved the mushroom incident was nothing. Hope your Mama and Dad are doing okay.


  4. Oh this is priceless! How sweet that she put her toy in the fridge, lol! Sherlock loves his squeaky toys - particularly when we are trying to listen to the television or are on the phone!! It's so sweet though and better than my cook books, which are his other favourite 'toys'! She looks huge in the photo by the window!! Must be because John looks so small ;0)
    Your Humming Bird is going to be beautiful - I can tell already :0)

  5. What a smart girl!! Glad you got a start on your painting. Wish I could see the iridescence!

  6. Hi Diana. You have so many things going on in your life right now ...
    I hope you mom is well, and out of the hospital SOON!
    What can I say about Sadie? She is such a hilarious character! You must feel so fortunate to have her in your life. :)


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