Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ER,Pigs and Pears

HI, What a weekend! Mama ended up in the hospital,in the er( emergency room). She had an infection and had to have iv antibiotics for 3 days. She got home yesterday. I've spent the night over there to help Daddy with his medicine(he did well-- but has the beginnings of alheimers),my sister came home from Richmond,Va. and spent a night too, I fixed supper for them last night. She is feeling better but still tired and weak..So glad she is on the mend. I didn't get any painting done as you can imagine. I did take my palette,brushes and paper with me and John suggested my sketchbook.. so that is what I did sketch. It was easier to take out the sketchbook and just draw anything. I had a couple of magazine pages torn out in the back so I drew pigs and pears.. with a #6 pencil. Love the softness of that one!! as I sat near her in the er. Anyway here are the pigs and pears.. Tell me what you are doing or did this weekend. love,Diana  Sadie just ate a brown mushroom.. ran by a 5 foot black snake with a crumpled basketball from the trees.. ..Hope the mushroom is ok.. I couldn't get it away from her.. what a puppy!


  1. Hi Diana,

    Gee some days you just got to have nerves of steel, huh?!!! I'm sorry to learn your Mama was so ill. Hope she continues to get better. Painting does get sidetracked - I well know. But your Mama probably appreciated having you nearby sketching. Those are wonderful drawings.

    Puppies!!! Their mouths sample everything, but I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep an eye out for vomiting. Mostly they bounce back and look for more trouble.

    I'm working on a swan watercolor.It's been so humid and rainy the past few days, it's taken forever for it to dry for the next steps.


  2. Your drawings are lovely, it can help at troubling times to keep you busy and pass the time. Sorry to read your news, but glad things have improved.
    Sadie has really grown, into lots of mischief by the sound and keeping you busy. I am sure she is giving you lots of pleasure too. I am going to catch up with all your posts and see what wonderful things I have missed.
    Sending you best wishesx

  3. Did you say a 5ft black snake?????????? Gaagh!!! At least we don't have that problem here - apart from the elusive adder, which I have never seen. Gosh, they are such a worry aren't they? I'm sorry to hear about your Mum and hope she is back to normal very soon. Glad you still managed a few sketches though :0)

  4. I just cannot believe how she just shot into teenager in the last couple of weeks. She got so big! I'm glad your mom is doing better, Diana.

  5. I hope your mom is well, Diana! You really have had an action-packed week with Sadie! :)


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