Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Does One Petal Count?

HI! Does one petal count? I picked this day lily in my front yard. It's my favorite. The colors are so vibrant.I wet the petal then used Cadmium yellow dark, Cad.Red,Thindigio Violet, and a touch of Cad.Orange.I used my pencil to draw the veins while it was wet,this works wonderfully for little veins.  I've painted just one petal and it's closing up. I do have another bud on it... if someone doesn't eat it.

 Sadie,our puppy, picked/ok,broke- another day lily today and it had 5 buds on it. I cringed and brought it inside hoping something will bloom in here. Sadie is also pestering dear Rudy, our 19  year old cat.. Every once and awhile I'll see a paw come out of the box.. she did get a toy dropped on her.. There's a lot of hissing going on.
Love to you,Diana


  1. I love when I discover a creative work of art! Wonderful watercolour, Diana, very original.

  2. Diana, I like your tip about the veins. I have to give that a try. Your one petal is vibrant & your Sadie is quite mischievous!

  3. such glorious colours in your one petal

  4. Yes I've had daylily and hosta disasters here courtesy of Poppy Seed! The colors in your petals are rich and beautiful. Gorgeous!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Oh my D!!! ' I think it's time to send Sadie to me. !!! LOL !
    Jenny wouldn't come out of under the bed.
    Jake would stand up to her and then be friends.
    Love your watercolor as usual.. beautiful color.

  6. Love your post today, Diana! Yes, one petal "counts". :) The colors are gorgeous.
    As for Sadie, you ALL have your hands and paws full with her around. :)

  7. It is like having little kids again, isn't it? LOL Love the colors you used in the petal; a near perfect match!


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