Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Monday, April 1, 2013

Painting in the Sunshine with Rudy!

Oh, it's such a sunny day, Rudy,our kitty and I went out on the front porch and we sat and painted for awhile. Remember where Daisy and I painted. Rudy decided to lay on the edge of the painting,silly kitty. Now she is nestled on the trunk in the den where she sleeps 90% of the time. I wonder how she'll feel when she gets a puppy nose up there with her.  :) Less than 2 weeks we'll have our puppy.  Here is the painting I'm working on. I was adding the blue glass lid and the jonquil in the foreground. Unfortunately the flowers have died-shriveled up-- not quite slimey but getting there.. so I've had to improvise. The last photo is of our visitor---yes 2 fox comes to our backyard most nights. Beautiful animals but they must leave before the puppy gets home. He was not fearful of me getting closer and closer to take this photo. I hope you had a warm sunny day today too. What have you done this April 1st..? love, Diana


  1. Love each of your photos today.
    Your painting is perfect. I too love that blue in those jars and have lots of them here.
    Rudy? well he looks very comfortable as usual and is he in for a surprise!
    The fox (or anything living in the wild) is something else I like to look at...
    good post Diana,
    hugs BJ p.s. can't wait for you to have your new puppy... Geez, I feel like I'M giving birth too!!

  2. Hi Diana, we sent part of the day traveling from RI to NH on Monday. Have you selected the new puppy's name yet?

  3. It is a beautiful painting!
    we collect our puppy (a Fox Red Labrador) on the 13th April when he's eight weeks old. I can't wait!! :0)

  4. Hi Diana. Your painting has such a beautiful composition - so soothing. Love it!

  5. Diana - your ball jar is lovely...the blue is just the right shade - I like BJ have several of these as well...(tomatoes and green beans are in mine -lol). Now that Rudy does look like he is fully relaxed but you are so right those days may be numbered for a little while.


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