Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Loose People in Watercolor and Wild Kingdom in the Backyard

Just a quick note. I've been trying loose exercises from Jean Haines first book today. These are on scrap paper. Loose people. It's fun. I admire her work so very much. When you do their exercises it seems to click for me, I can understand what they are doing better--The man with the watering pot is from a magazine. Always fun to try new things in painting

. Here is a photo from my backyard just now. The fox came and the stray mother cat came both friendly to each other. It's like Wild Kingdom out there.

  Puppy News. We go get her on next Thursday ,April 11th. I can't wait!! Tell me what you've been doing or who has visited lately, love, Diana


  1. Yes, Mistress of Wild Kingdom !
    How fun is this!
    Like your people studies. I'd love to try that. One day ...
    For now I'm making a journal for my friend in Washington.. I have about a month before I go .. and they are time consuming to make.
    hugs, BJ can't wait til you have the pup..

  2. I just got back from a two day pouring workshop. Lots of fun! I need to try it at home & take progress shots to post.

    Your people studies are so nice & loose.

    One more week for your new baby! Can't wait to see LOTS of pictures & hear what you named her!

  3. It really IS WILD KINGDOMback there! ;)
    I can hardly wait for puppy day, too!

  4. I once went to one of Jean Haines workshops in Hampshire. I'm a big fan of her work - It really is beautiful! And your loose painting exercises have turned out so well :0)
    Our pup is arriving this Sunday 7th now! So they must be just a few days apart in age :0)

  5. It is always good to try new things, your loose paintings look like nice little exercises. I never think of drawing people, I know you paint so many different subjects so well in your lovely watery style.
    You must be so excited, nearly time to pick up your new puppy.
    Then you are going to be busy, like being a mum again.

  6. interesting backyard companions, Diana, and the new puppy should really make it interesting and hopefully be safe too. We have been completing family visits as part of our Easter road trip.

  7. Diana - I can't believe the cat and the fox...perhaps the fox is more tame than the cat. Amazing that he lets you get that close.
    Your loose watercolor people look awesome. I do so want to get Jean Haines' book. Her work is very inspiring. Take care and may Thurs. come soon and new little one will be home with you.

  8. I can't either Debbie, I was afraid the fox would hurt her at first but they seem happy near each other. Thank you dear friend. Thanks Beatrice I hope you have a wonderful trip. I hope they decide to leave then. ha. I can hope!Thank you Milly! I'm so excited about the puppy.Thank you Sandra,we'll be new mom's together! :) Me too Kathryn, I can't believe it's so soon.Looking forward to seeing your new work from the workshop Carol. I'll show lots of photos of the puppy!!! BJ thank you I'm so excited, I'll let you know. hugs and love to each of you. Diana


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