Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lily painting and we are expecting!

HI, I've had a class, gone to the grocery store and am back painting this lily. It's gorgeous. I want to put the bud and the partially open flower in the painting too. . The weather here is 97 degrees, so humid,hazy and hot. I'm inside at the art table. The squirrel had another peanut butter sandwich. He was looking at me this am as I walked out into the backyard.Wonder what the squirrel will think of our news..

   We are expecting.. a puppy. A family in Exmore,Va.(7 miles away) breed Labrador Retrievers. Her female is going to have puppies any day now. We have reserved a Yellow Lab. It will never be my Daisy- and I don't want it to--it needs to be itself.. I miss her so very much-- as you know but it will be good to have little paws clumping through the house. I'll let you know when it all happens and take photos when we go to pick it out. Take care and let me know what you think of the lily. talk to you soon, Diana


  1. How exciting! A new puppy. You will always have Daisy's memories held close, but this puppy will bring new ones! The lilly is looking lovely!

  2. Diana,
    I am just delighted that a new puppy is coming into your life. Lucky little one to be the recipient of your love & care! Looking forward to the "baby pictures".
    Your lily looks great! I have one in the works,too, but it's giving me a little trouble.

  3. I'm so happy for you. I lost my beloved dog a week after you lost Daisy. It's miserable isn't it?! But a new puppy will be good company for you in the study and you will form wonderful memories with the new babe. Wishing you much joy!

    The lily is cooling to look at on this hot evening.


  4. Diana, this is happy, wonderful, exciting news!!! I can hardly wait!

  5. The thumpity thump of puppy paws! Oh how fun! I love how your lily painting is coming along. Looking beautiful!!

  6. Ooo that lily really is a gorgeous colour - this will be a beautiful painting, look forward to watching it grow.
    And such wonderful news - a puppy in the house - are you ready for it? My daughter has a new puppy and she can't stop talking about its antics and how it wears her out - but what a way to be worn out ... lots of puppy joy and cuddles.
    Hope it cools down soon - winter here in Australia ...
    Can't wait to hear more ... xxx

  7. Thank you each for your lovely wishes but no puppy now.( check the newest post I can't say it now..sorry). love to you,Diana


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