Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunflower Demo..

HI! Class on Saturday was fun. We painted sunflowers just cut from the beautiful garden. I never knew there were deep dark brown sunflowers. We did gesture drawings,pouring,and so much more. This is from one of the demonstrations I began..there. I painted a little on the sunflower today. I enjoyed meeting and seeing again Dory, Karen,Mary,Nancy,Sandra,Elizabeth and Peter.

 The next class will be on the masa technique and day lilies on Aug 25th.

 I planned to walk to the sunflower maze but I was tired and J. and I only got to the bridge. So we turned around and headed home,the last photo is from the view on the bridge(Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel).so beautiful isn't it!

 Tomorrow morning at the early,early hour of 8, the painters are coming to begin painting.. first is this room so I hope I'll be able to get to the computer but I may not, but I'll be talking to you soon..and I hope to hear from the puppy tomorrow. will let you know! Take care,Diana


  1. Nice post Dee, and nice photos. Sounds like you had a good day.. and as for the painter coming you 'll just have to climb over things to the computer..
    Don't forget to let me know about the puppy..
    hugs, BJ

  2. What a wonderful day! And a newly painted room too? Sunflowers and fresh paint...the sighs of summer.

  3. Beautiful! And do let us know about the new "Baby"!

  4. HI BJ.. No Puppy, they were born and healthy but no yellow labs. Hi Sherry, yes this room is yellow green now. It's bright and fun --- I've got a ton of straightening and cleaning.. to do.ugh.. thank you Anne, I'm still looking. Disappointed so disappointed but I'll keep looking. Thank you, Hugs to all of you, love,Diana


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