Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orchids on Masa Class

Watercolor Class at NBG yesterday.

More of the class

One of the amazing orchids.

Another one.
HI, Wow, Oh I wish you could have seen those orchids. Even if you aren't a flower person, they were outstanding. We had 6 orchids in our class to paint from.  I demonstrated how to use the masa, then they did this, we did lots of washes and exercises some with Brusho Art Crystals. Then they chose an orchid to paint from and drew it and painted it on the masa paper I had prepared  the paper last week at home. It takes a day for the paper to dry so that we can paint on it. Oh it was gorgeous. The little crevices that the masa made in the paper created the most wonderful background for the orchids. I was so proud of what they painted...we were so busy I didn't get enough photos of all of the students. After class I went to the gift shop and the Tropical House with Renee and Raina.. go if you can, the orchids were amazing. There are chairs inside to just sit and gaze at them. I took 43 photos. So I have lots to paint from, I want to do a large one on the masa.

Hope you are having a warm weekend. It's in the 40's here. Sun is shining. My back is not good but-- just take your advil and enjoy the photos and the good time from yesterday--and read a good book with hot coffee... Love to you all,Diana

I have photos of some more orchids on Facebook.  Check it out Diana M.Davis Watercolor!!! please like the page! if you do.. thanks


  1. Your class must have been a lot of fun painting those gorgeous orchids.
    More Prayers your back is better

  2. Hi Diana, beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.
    Never painted on that masa paper.. to be honest? never heard of it ... You know everything. LOL !
    hope that back of yours gets better... yes, advil... very good. love the sadie pic below.
    hugs... Barbra

  3. Hi Diana,
    Those orchids are exquisite, especially the white one.
    And I hope your back is feeling better!!!
    Kathryn XX

  4. Really interesting post and hearing about your use of Masa (new one to me) and also your use of Brusho.

  5. Beautiful flowers, no wonder you were all inspired.
    Look after yourself with that bad back.

  6. Thanks Milly, you are so nice, my back is ongoing unfortunately. Thanks Polly. Masa is an oriental paper used with watercolor paper to create a batik look.. so much fun.Thanks Kathryn,Thanks BJ hugs to you too,Thank you Maywyn so much. love to each of you,Diana


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