Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Orchid Watercolor, Sadie sleeping, and Cupcake!

Orchid Watercolor. This is the one I started at The Eastville Inn Art Opening.

I got Sadie to nap after we played ball outside in the frosty weather.

Here is Cupcake. She is a talker and very sweet.
HI Everyone, I've been painting this afternoon. I've gotten out my orchid watercolor and finished it. I need to erase the pencil marks and frame it.  I took the photo at the Tropical House in Norfolk Botanical Garden.

 They are having a gorgeous orchid display and it's free to go into the garden for 2 weeks.. so go if you are nearby.

Sadie finally got tired after we played a lot of ball in the backyard. It's cold outside, I had 2 coats , gloves, and 2 scarves, to keep me warm. I looked like a walking balloon.

  Here is our Cupcake. She is much prettier than this. The photo is blurry.. but the markings on her face are lovely. Ok I did say she was the ugliest kitten I had ever seen ..but she isn't.

Hope you are staying warm. I'm going to go make some Christmas Decaf Starbucks. Talk to you soon. Love to you,Diana


  1. Your orchids are beautiful! I'm looking forward to Longwood Gardens' orchid show. Lots of pictures in my files to paint, but I always take many more.
    Sweet little Cupcake! She's a beauty!

  2. Happy New Year to you, Diana!!!
    Your orchid is lovely! And thank you very much for your comment on the two dog portraits-in-progress. I am very pleased with them[and you know I am a hard critic! :) ]
    Kathryn xx

  3. Beautiful orchids! They are a very welcome sight this freezing cold day. Picture of Sadie is hilarious

  4. The flowers are a delight! It's cold here too... -1 as we speak... Brrr... but we are going on holiday on Wednesday for two weeks, so I am happy to bear it until then! :0)

  5. Dear Diana - your Orchid painting is awesome. Truly a lovely site for winter eyes. As for Sadie - how adorable. Looks like she got worn out too. Take care and have a great week-end. Hugs

  6. Thank you Debbie, Hope you have a great weekend too. I love the peacefulness of your blog. have a great vacation Sandra!! Tell us about it when you get back! Thank you Maywyn, she does get in the silliest positions!!Thanks Kathryn, I always love to see what beautiful thing you are working on! Wish I could go with you Carol. Take photos please.. love to you all,Diana


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