Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pears in Watercolor

Whimsy Pears, 8x10 framed, $99.

Coming across Shields Bridge near Belle Haven,Va.
HI, this morning I've been finishing my pears. Sipping my coffee and painting is so relaxing. Sadie is napping in her crate and doing great. Still a little stiff when she moves but I'm so happy she's doing fine. This photo is from Shield's bridge. It's about 20 feet long and we have to cross it coming from Belle Haven to get home. Always so beautiful there.

I want to start another painting. I've got class I hope tomorrow. Still waiting for the final word, do we have enough.. so I'll be getting ready. The class is on iris, I'll call around to the florist and see if they have any.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm.
 Love to you,Diana

ps what are you doing this weekend??


  1. Hi Diana, thanks for the update about Sadie..
    As for your pears, WOW ! I have painted pears, and painted pears and never thought of such color..
    What a great imagination you have... Beautiful !
    hugs BJ


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