Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, February 21, 2014

Just one more painting for the show and Sadie's Birthday!!

Silly Emu, 8x10 framed original, $99

Sadie and tomorrow's her Birthday!!
Hi, you know me. I just had to paint another little watercolor before the show tomorrow.(Eastern Shore Heritage Festival 2014) So I sketched this silly emu last night and have worked all morning on painting him. Balancing the thalo blue in the white squares and the darks on his feathers(are they feathers?) finished him up. ha ha.. Hope he sells tomorrow. I will have silly paintings there--over 45 originals..

Still have more framing to do and I've put it off long enough,I'd better get to it. Groan.

 Sadie is under the oak rocker( notice the teeth marks) and tomorrow is her one year birthday so all this weekend.. celebrate life and puppy love!!

Wishing you a great weekend, love to you,Diana


  1. Happy Birthday Sadie!
    Oh dear, kids just grow up too fast.
    Happy Festival Diana!
    Your emu has quite a personality. He's a smile maker for sure.

  2. Love your funny Emu. Makes me laugh! Happy Birthday to Sadie. Love the rocker :-)

  3. The emu is wonderful, Diana!! Happy birthday to Sadie! I'm sure she is still all puppy despite turning 1!

  4. Diana - just love what you call your "silly" paintings. Your Emu is just wonderful. As for Sadie - give her a big hug for me on her birthday...and yes I have some dreadful teeth marks as well on a coffee table...oh well just part of their growing up (LOL). Good luck with that framing - have a blessed week-end.

  5. Love the "Silly Emu", Diana! And please give Sadie a belated kiss on the nose fro me. XX
    Kathryn XX

  6. Aww... Sadie is so gorgeous! As is your painting - Made me smile :0)


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