Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day--Yep, We are Snowed in!

Sadie biting her frozen pool.

Snow Day. WOW.. we got probably 4 inches and today it's been cold near 20 degrees. On the ES we don't get much snow and if we do it's gone by the next day. However this is supposed to stay around for a few days. Sadie,the puppy, was so excited she galloped and ran and just had the best time.(Of course we had 5 gloves and she ate one. None match.. this is creative Right??!! ha ha please don't ask about the sock matching.)Poor Rudy,our kitty went out once and I told John that's it.. she stays in

Here is my art table this morning. I've painted watercolors of  snow all day, played with the blues, some negative painting... and had a good time.

The last photo is of our front yard. Hope you all are staying warm and dry and have your electricity.

 love to each of you. Are you in the snow too?? Diana

My Class at ESO in Belle Haven has been postponed due to the Snow. Check the listing on the right for classes..it will be next Thursday. Thanks so much!!


  1. I'm on the shore too and it's the same here: we rarely egt snow, and when we do, it doesn't last. We got only 2 inches last night, but with temps around 20 for the next several days, I guess it'll stick around.
    My cat was crying and crying to go out so I let her; two minutes later she came running back in and has spent the day curled up in her bed.

  2. Stay warm!
    I think its funny the way cats don't like the snow, step on it, hold the paw like its broken and go back indoors versus dogs jumping into it like its Christmas morning with a world full of presents.

  3. Wow! You really did get snowed in! I had a horse that used to eat gloves, too. I caught him in the act once, just the fingers waving goodbye, as the rest disappeared into his mouth.
    Stay safe and warm, Diana!!
    Kathryn XX

  4. Oh if I had that view I'd be sitting looking outside all of the time. Glad you had a fun day but that Sadie needs to quit eating stuff!

  5. Lucky you! I want to be snowed in!!! That way I could actually get some painting time in! Glad you are having lots of fun... and by the way, all of our socks are now odd and most have holes in, thanks to Sherlock!!! ;0)

  6. HI Sandra, ha, our socks are too!! ha ha.. I wish you had snow too if you want it. I'll bet Sherlock would adore it!! Hi Sherry you are right, she ate another sock toe out. Everyday it's something!!HI Kathryn,that's cute about the horse and glove,thank you!!Yes Maywyn and with Rudy,our cat being 20 she is even more anti snow!! ha ha,HI Laura you have a wise kitty! ha ha.. Thank you everyone, sending my love to you,Diana


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