Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frosty American Holly Branch Watercolor

Hi, day two of snow, John's going out to work,he hopes. On the back roads here we get drifts and the snow plow may or may not show up for days,so I hope he makes it to the highway.

 I've been working on painting this branch of snowy American Holly. We have so many of these trees and they are gorgeous. The blues in this piece are Thalo and Ultramarine. I've stopped for awhile, this will give me a chance to decide if I keep going or stop. I may stop.I think it's pretty much done or I'll twiddle it to death.. (overwork it). I'd love to do a landscape in snow.. I'll bet in 2 days the snow will all be gone. (It's really good to go so quickly!! ha ha)

 Here's my view from my art table window,so snowy now and of course my Sadie getting in the pool. Ha ha.. She was chewing on the pool in yesterday's post.

 I tried the Dr.PH.Martin Liquid Watercolors in a freezing wash last night. Didn't work like I had hoped it's ok but very very granular. I prefer just the regular watercolor washes to freeze.  Hope you all are staying warm and dry and in. Love to you,Diana
My class was cancelled today but I just signed up for another art show.. so that is good!!! Take care!


  1. Love the holly painting
    I have a holly out front that I take pictures of.
    My blog will be on private for few days.
    Stay warm.

  2. Dear Diana - this painting is so pretty. Your choice of blues are so beautiful. How does one decide when it is finished? I always struggle with this when I am doing a painting. We have snow here too and more on the way. I think ours might last a wee bit longer than yours! Have a great day.

  3. Look at that gorgeous view out your window!! Living room or not, I think that would have to be my workspace too. I am only seeing the leaves of holly, Diana. Is there a branch there? I ask not critically but am wondering if it is me. My eyes are going downhill fast, seriously.

  4. Diana, I LOVE the hollies!!!
    And thank you for your comment on the vet and dog drawings. I really am very lucky to have such a sweetie for a vet.
    Kathryn XX

  5. Diana, you are a good, sweet, kind person! I thank you deeply for your thoughts and prayers.
    K. XOXO


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