Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NOISY here!

"Froggie Baby",original watercolor by Diana M.Davis, $99, 8x10

Beth,Addy and Anna

Sadie and the Truck

Butterfly watercolor beginnings
So much to share.. Friday I got by and saw my friend Beth and Anna ,her daughter, and this is Addy,her granddaughter. Jackson her grandson,4 years old, was snuggling in bed. But we all got to visit and enjoy being together before they have to go back home to Montana.

Here is my Frog finished. He was so much fun to paint. Funny or happy is good.

Sadie, this morning,is looking out the window at the well truck. Bundick is here to drill us a new well. We can hear the drilling as it's going into the earth.. They had to cut a holly tree down to the ground..ah well. I've been trying to work on my tiger swallow tail.. got one wing done.  I've turned on the music loud.. Helen Jane Long blasting.. ha ha.. sounds good. Sadie's had some redness and weeping of her stitches .. no wonder she won't hold still.. so later today we're going back to the vet for a recheck..  Take care. Going back for more butterfly painting. love,Diana


  1. Diana - Your frog is not only beautiful but looking at it makes me so happy - it has a special touch that makes me want to smile. I think that is why I love your pieces so much they touch my heart. Hope Sadie will be okay...I am sure you are having trouble keeping her calm like I did with Shelby. Do you have enough water dear until they get your new well drilled? I hope so because I know from my own experience not having water is a real inconvenience. Take care and have a great day - play that music real loud! (LOL)

  2. Oh I do so wish I had a good friend nearby to visit with on occasion. Ah well...life is just too busy with having to work anyway. Glad Sadie got her antibiotics from the vet and I just love that fat little frog!

  3. Beautiful paintings.
    I knew the butterfly I say yesterday is a swallow tail, but I didn't remember the kind until I read you post. I was stunned its so huge. Alas, it flew too far and fast away to get a photo.

  4. WOW ... you have all sorts of happenings going on there! Diana, your frog is superb!!! He made me chuckle - happy and funny IS good!

  5. Thank you Kathryn, it is much calmer today! Thanks Maywyn. I love the Tiger swallow tail --especially..Thanks Sherrie I'm lucky to have a friend close so true.Thank you so much Debbie, that means a lot to me. We do have water.. I'm happy to say. love to each of you,Diana


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