Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've been looking for flowers.. and right after Christmas this bulb was on sale for $1.50 so I bought it and some narcissus bulbs. They are all blooming.. so I sat down with my very strong coffee, and quickly painted this.. I don't know why but today I've needed extra coffee. I'm just tired. ah well.

I mailed my daughter,Laura, 2 small paintings today for her shop Vintage Karma in Illinois. She liked my Frozen Chicken and Silly Moo. I did another Silly Moo and kept the first one for my upcoming shows.. but now she has one very similar and  soon it will be up in Illinois. If you ever are around those parts go by and see her and say Hi!

 Tell me what are you working on today,or do you have the I need extra coffee day too. love,Diana


  1. Hi Diana, how beautiful this is.
    Such color !
    I'm painting flamingos as you know ,, but might be ready for a new subject.

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the bud. Me, I started my hens over on a larger sheet and added an eighth one to improve the composition. Hope I don't overwork this version!!! :-)


  3. LOVE your amaryllis painting, Diana!!!

  4. Mine's a hot chocolate! I think this winter has been going on for too long and I'm in need of some natural light and warmth!
    At least I got a little taste of summer when I opened your blog post today - a beautiful, summer flower! And such gorgeous colours too!
    I love that pouring technique you use. It seems to work for everything! :0)

  5. Didn't know you had family in these parts, Diana. Love the amaryllis painting (that is what this is, yes?)...Where is Vintage Karma?

  6. HI Sherry, It's Tuscola ,Ilinois,Yes, it's an amaryllis starting to bloom, Hi Sandra.. ooh I love hot chocolate too. Thank you so much.Thanks Kathryn,,Thanks Nanina, want to see those chickens!Hey BJ, I love your flamingos.. so many collect them and yours are beautiful. love to each of you,Diana

  7. All the flowers you paint are so fresh and lovely. I have enjoyed seeing your paintings. You must be excited about your puppy.
    I see you are going to Tai Chi, I go on a Monday afternoon, my fifth year, it really does make you feel calm and good exercise. Despite you slipping later at home!
    I know what you mean about flowers, always buying them too. I love how you paint yours and your class looks like they all are loving working with you.
    Best wishes. Millyx


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