Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Beginnings ,new painting

I started this painting this afternoon. Just enjoying negatively painting around the vine,so of course when I walked down the road to feed Blackie and Mama B.(The 2 feral cats I feed a block away.)--Rudy,our 18year old cat, is doing fine.-- I had to stop,and pull this lovely vine out of the ditch and come on home. :) I've sketched an owl in the left side of the painting and am going to let the pour be some old wood and vines,similar to the window in the old school house down the road.. Not thinking just painting around the leaves.. with thalo blue and sepia. Tell me what you are painting. talk to you soon, Diana

Puppy news.. Sarah ,the mother dog, has been visiting with the male dog. We are hoping things are beginning,will have to wait and see! I Hope SO!


  1. This will be a good one Diana, I can see it already.
    I"m painting something for the Strawberry Fest Art show, in March..
    and will post a WIP as I've taken pics along the way. BJ

  2. forgot!!! I have my hopes and wishes for you about the puppy.. Ohhh that would be so wonderful... let's think good things!
    Me again

  3. This HAS to be your puppy year! Fingers crossed and wishes for "romance" for Sarah!

  4. Hi Diana - I am painting the final diploma artworks for the SBA course.
    Currently working on Quandong - Santalum acuminatum...
    How exciting with the puppy possibilities.
    We have decided perhaps, after we return from Europe and my graduation - we will find our puppy too ..
    It's a good year so far :)

  5. This new piece looks marvelous and I look forward to seeing it finished. Fingers crossed on the Lab pairing!

  6. Dear Diana - I always love your work -it is awesome. I took a winter photo that I think will work out well in a landscape painting...keeping it simple and will post if it works out...hoping to start work on it this evening. Have a wonderful new year.


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