Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love to you,Happy Valentines!

Sometimes, not often enough
we reflect upon the good times
and our thoughts always center on those we love.

And I think about those people
who mean so much to me
and for so many years have made me
so very happy.

And I count the times I have forgotten to say,
thank you and
Just how much I love them..

This is a song by the Carpenters.. This is my valentines to all I love. Wishing you and yours a very lovely Valentines. love to you,Diana


  1. And happy Valentines to you Diana! and Daisy too!

  2. Thank you Diana, and same to you and Daisy!
    give her a hug for me. BJ

  3. Sweet post. Hope this finds that you had a wonderful day as well.

  4. Thank you Maria and BJ and Kathleen, I had a nice Valentines. I have a chocolate stash in my freezer(for emergencies) and opened the door that day and choc. chips went everywhere. Daisy and I both were scrambling!! I know they aren't good for her!! but she loved it. love to you,Diana


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