Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, March 11, 2011

Watercolor Class Tomorrow and Glads from Garden Show

Hi!Last Saturday my mother and I went to the Mid-Atlantic Home and Garden Show in Virginia Beach.

The wheelbarrow photo and the watering pots photo were both taken there. We were truly expecting a large flower experience. She had been before and said it was AMAZING, so many lovely flowers, the smell taking you to spring but we were disappointed.

The entry was lovely with a beautiful art display (Kathy Stacier's, of Kathy stacier-artist.blogspot.com,watercolors were beautiful). A flower booth as well as some more booths also in the entry but inside ... there was a small room of flower gardens and the rest of the displays were Jacuzzis and refrigerators.. windows and home improvement things. Not a spring experience we were hoping for.. oh well. I did get a lovely bunch of cut flowers.. and an orchid.

So this week I've been painting gladiolus from the garden show.Still not finished with it yet, hope the last buds hold out!

Tomorrow is my adult watercolor class at The Bear and Cub Coffee Shoppe in Pungoteague.There is still time to sign up. Call 442-7222 and tell Grace you can come. Hope to see you there. I'm gathering flowers for the class and getting ready.For more info look at the right hand side of this blog and look under- Upcoming Art Classes & Workshops Available ..

Talk to you Soon! Diana


  1. Hi Diana, too bad about the disappointment of the show... Hey come on down here .. we are in the midst of our world famous Strawberry Festival.. yes, Plant City .. the 'strawberry capital' of the world.. Whoopeee!
    Your glads are so fresh and clean... Your work is always amazing.. I don't know how you do it... yes .... clean and fresh... I think that everytime I see your paintings.. Is that a good thing??? oh yeah! BJ

  2. Thank you Barbra Joan, you are so sweet. I use a lot of water!!! haha.. love,Diana

  3. Hi Diana, Barbra Joan is quite right. Your work is always amazing. You always make it look to easy to do. Your knowledge is great. I am so sorry that you and your mother were so disappointed with the show. But I did know, if there were live flowers there, you would be taking some home with you. LYF, Marty

  4. The colors in your gladiolas are lovely, luscious! and I like the wetness and the way you handled the background. Beautiful work!
    (Cape May has a Lima Bean festival ... which has turned into a big flea awful market now that all the lima bean farms have been converted into McMansions.)

  5. how very beautiful!
    Pity the show was not as you imagined, but there will be more..



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