Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bayford,Va. Watercolor Landscape

Hi!Here is my latest Eastern Shore mini landscape.I've been working on it this morning. I've stopped. I'm doodling it to death. I tend to nitpick and over detail if I'm worried and I've been worried about the dogs.

This is a local place in Bayford,Va. The Eastern Shore Art League used to have lovely very intimate (small) art shows on the lawn in Bayford at Mapp and Thaddy Walker's lovely garden. This was like 15 years ago!! WOW!

First I drew my landscape. I then laid in the sky, turning it on it's side to make the drips and paint form lovely(hopefully) feathers of clouds, this is so much fun.. also it's a conversation piece if someone should walk in --- why is that painting upside down?? haha.. after it dried I wanted more color so I wet only the sky again and laid in another stripe of color just to the top of the house for contrast with the roof.(This sorta makes it dark like it's going to rain-- not my intention but hey it works!) I continued to paint and used my palette knife on the roof and 3 old barrels in the foreground. Just dip a wet palette knife into your color and smear it where you want.. it's more intense than dry brush and lots of fun to do!!! I used the barrels from the photo of the boat.

I will frame it for the ES Heritage Festival which is next weekend.. I have at least 5 to frame--UGH! take care, talk to you soon,Diana


  1. This landscape is absolutely charming! There is nothing I don't like about it :0)

  2. Another beautiful landscape of the Eastern Shore.
    I sure hope your doggies are getting better. They are just like our children.
    Good luck at the Art Show.

  3. Your painting is great as usual. How are Daisy and Dusty doing? They are in my prayers and you, too. See you at the Heritage Festival next Saturday. LYF, Marty

  4. what's with the dogs Diana?

    good luck with the festival!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog

  5. Diana , as usual I love your work and this is just one more ... I'm like you in that I tend to 'nitpick' I love photo realism in my pencil work but try for a looser style in watercolor.. I think the two meduims get confused .!
    still have your "kids' on my mind.. of course.

  6. Thank you Sandra, Kathy, Marty,Yvette and Barbra Joan for your support and comments! I have bad news about the dogs... both have cancer and nothing can be done but love them and make their last days(It may be soon) as good as we can. Our hearts are broken.. I can't talk about it too much.. we just found out 2 days ago.. Dusty has lung cancer that has spread and Daisy a different kind that is spreading rapidly.. thank you, Love to you, Diana


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