Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hey Froggie Baby...

HI, The title for the post is from a line of a children's book,one of my daughter's favorites when she was little. :)I've painted this little red eyed tree frog and will frame it today for the show tomorrow( I will glaze the black background again, how to: apply clear water on background and mix ultramarine blue and sepia-use a lot of color and apply to background,leave to dry).

Copper Creations Christmas Open House. Hope you can come it's in Melfa,Va.on the Eastern Shore.10am-4pm Dec.11. Here is a photo of a piece of Don and Donna Drew's work- this lovely hummingbird flying above a flower. I have it in my garden and have quite a few of their pieces.(This is one of my favorites.)

So to get ready for the show I have to 1-make cornbread,my Dah's recipe,2-make fresh apple cake,3-frame 2 paintings,4-pack the car.. and J. has hurt his back so I may need to round up muscle for unloading..

This is going to be a fun show!!It always is! Join us if you can.. Talk to you Soon, Diana


  1. Oh Diana, I'd be there if I could,sounds like a lot of work and fun... love your froggy guy.
    Good luck at the show..

  2. thank you Barbra Joan, He did get better and could help the day of the show but I packed by myself..We always have such a fun time there,it's sorta a Christmas party for us too. Thank you so much for your comments. Wish you could be there too. Love,Diana

  3. This makes me want to paint a froggie too!!!


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