Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wren and Whos

Hi, every spring I want to paint a wren. This is my new Wren and Tomato.. The Carolina Wrens are so mischievous. Last year I had hung my wash on the clothesline. The clothes were still damp that night when I brought them in and so I put them in the dryer. The next morning my husband opened the dryer and said what in the world is in here!!! The little wren had made a nest in his blue jean shorts pocket. Thank goodness nothing but nesting material... haha.. it was all inside the dryer with all the other clothes.. and the dear little nest in the pocket. Living here we also get owls flying through the backyard. So here are 2 babies and of course in the corner of the photo- a hummer with day lily. I use Winsor& Newton Iridescent Watercolor Medium.. just use a tiny amount in a glaze at the end of your painting on my hummingbirds. I will be showing my watercolors this Sunday May 16th at Berkley Ashby's home in Belle Haven,Va. at a small Garden Art Show. from 2-5pm. to benefit Epworth Methodist Church Building Fund. This afternoon is my free afternoon-- I really need it-- and I've had a bike ride and am working on my stargazer painting. Dusty is very upset , it is raining. For a farm dog she gets really nervous in the rain. Hope we get more than a few drops. Talk to you Soon. Diana

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