Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Try this brush!

HI, I tried Nancy's brush this week. It is an Isabey Squirrel Quill #8 and it was so much fun. If you can try one, do a quick sketch, this is of a wine bottle of Holly Grove Vineyards , Franktown,Va. I quickly sketched it and then slathered on the paint. and I love it. I'd love to do a few bottles like this, I have a brush the same size just not an expensive one and it works. I don't get the same glide across the paper or the smoothness as I do with this brush but same effect. Now my favorite brush of all times is my 1/2 inch flat sable . Just by the way I hold the brush it can do so many things! There is Daisy, I went to the plant swap at The Bear and The Cub Coffee Shoppe in Pungoteague,Va. Saturday morning. It was so much fun. These are my new plants before I got them in the ground.They have great coffee, such a warm and inviting place to browse and see the yarn,art,... I had the Oyster Roast Bold coffee, which is rich and delightful. Well I'm rambling, I better get painting, the Art in the Farm - art show on May 29th--at the Barrier Island Center is coming up in a couple of weekends...talk soon,Diana

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