Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trip to Illinois

Me and Laura, our daughter in Seven Saints Restaurant in Illinois. 
Father and son waiting in Chicago Airport. 

What I have been working on. 
Laura at Vintage Karma,  the best tattoo and piercing shop ever. Laura and Ainslie are the owners,Laura is the  Master piercer and Ainslie the MasterTattooArtist
Two artists complete their shop.

So We all went to Illinois to visit Laura, it was so nice to see her,it was so hard to leave. We visited VK, got to eat with Ainslie and his parents, ate cupcakesome, ate homemade Chocolate, saw the fellowship, Caleb and KIllian,artists....wonderful ones at VK.bought art supplies.

It was so fun . I planned to paint and draw on the plane,, well I tried,  nothing worth sharing.  I need to get busy painting.. what are you working on. I cried when I left Laura, I miss her and Clay so much. Love to each of you,Diana


  1. Beautiful pictures. The clematis header painting is gorgeous, as are the others. One of those flowers will make a beautiful tattoo. Do you ever create them for the shop?

  2. wow-that's a good idea, Maywyn...love to you too, Diana.

  3. Dear Diana - sounds like you had a lovely trip to Illinois. Bet it is so hard to have your loved ones so far away. Please take care and have a lovely week. Diana your clematis with the hummingbird is enough to die for...just gorgeous. Hugs!


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