Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Frozen watercolors and plenty of snow!

13 inches of snow,  for us that was amazing 

Frozen watercolors 
Hi, last week we had 13 inches of snow here on the Eastern Shore of Va. Living on one of the back roads is pretty but can be very icy. We were snowed in for 3 days. I froze  a few washes, just do your washes then quickly get them outside in 20 degree weather.  Weigh them down so they don't  blow away. Wait overnight and look sometimes there are ice crystals on the paper.  Bring it in gently and let dry completely.  It is so amazing.  Of course then I have to decide what to do with the background.

I have been painting a commission, can't share it with  you . But I am painting, Sadie, our Labrador ate one of my newest brushes,luckily just the handle so I duck taped it back on. Ha ha....

Wishing each of you a Blessed  and Happy New Year, my love to you, Diana


  1. Wow, that's more snow than where I live in Vermont! Stay warm.
    Sorry to read Sadie chomped on a brush. Thank you for the reminder to do the frozen watercolor washes.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Too much snow for me! Our weather is up and down = 60F one day and 30F the next :(. Can't adjust or know what to wear. I know you'll put something pretty in with the icy background - but to me, it already has the look of a pretty flower.

  3. Wow Diana thirteen inches of snow. That is certainly more than we had. Your frozen washes are gorgeous. I am sure you will find something beautiful to paint on them. Hugs!

  4. You've got more snow than we have-which right now is none! It was 50 degrees here yesterday!!!
    I love that frozen wash-I've got to try it. So nice to see you blogging again! Happy New Year!


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