Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, February 5, 2016

Camellias and Sea Shells

Hi, tomorrow  I am teaching at NBG, Norfolk Botanical Garden. I have been getting ready  all day. We will be painting  Camellias and Sea shells. Two dear friends have given me these flowers. I went over and picked them today. Aren't  they gorgeous! ! Another dear friend  lent me some amazing  shells,  2 I had to paint, you can see why the colors  and texture just drew me in.  I had  a class  this week too at ESO in Belle Haven, Va.,which is a wonderful old renovated school  dedicated to teaching art.

I am tired but ready for class. I slipped and fell yesterday  unpacking  the car. Bruised my thigh, knees, ankle, back and hip... but just my left side.. ibuprofen isn't  helping  much. I will  be  ok.. Sadie is doing better, Dr.Bailey  says we won't  know for sure  if the infection is gone until after the antibotics have all been taken. We have  been going every week to check her. John will watch over her tomorrow.  Talk to you soon, love, Diana


  1. Prayers for you and Sadie
    I'm sorry to read you fell. Please, take it easy as you are able. You are brave teaching when you're so sore. The shells are beautiful. They'll make for an interesting class.

  2. Your paintings are wonderful. Love the color of seashells.
    You've done one of my favorite pastimes, falling. You'll be sore for a while .
    oh, I'm praying for Sadie.
    Going back to Florida this coming week. And staying.

  3. I'm so sorry you fell!! Please take care - and hoping for a recovery for Sadie soon, too. The seashells are lovely and I just read an article that called Camellias a man's flower because it's so hard to kill! ha ha

  4. Diana, I hope you and Sadie are better SOON! And those seashell paintings are beautiful!!!
    Hugs to you

  5. Dear Diana - your seashells are gorgeous. So sorry you fell. Hope you will be better soon. Praying for Sadie. Hugs!


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