Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Orchid Class , They did brillantly!!!!!

Thirteen Wonderful students at Norfolk Botanical Garden. We painted orchids. Not all pictured.

One of my pour demonstrations for background with their orchids if they wished.

One of the gorgeous orchids.. all were Moth Orchids.

HI Everyone, Yesterday was my class at NBG, Norfolk Botanical Gardens/ The Tropical House has a lovely display of orchids this time of year so I chose orchids to paint this time ... We had a full room of 13 students, all did well!!! I am so proud of their work. Some so delicate and precise, others bolder and they captured them. We did a fun 15 minute painting of the orchids as part of our warm up and gorgeous... well you can tell.. I'm so pleased with their work.  Next class there is Feb. 6th on Camillias and Sea Shells. We will do a still life. ESO class is coming next week... 5 --2 hour classes here in Belle Haven, Va. just 3 miles from my home.

Sadie, my labrador retriever assistant, is going to have to have surgery. Dr. Bailey said the Crucial Ligament is totally torn and he thinks the meniscus as well. So that will be this Thursday, I'm shaking my head as I type... but it is what needs to be done.

The washing machine broke and I broke my eye glasses in class on Saturday. SO that is 3 right no more!!! Wishing you each a happy week and please think of us on Thursday. Love to each of you thanks so much! Diana


  1. Dear Diana - your wonderful teaching certainly shows in the 13 students' work. Beautiful friend. I am so sorry to read about Sadie. Will be "looking up" for her. Also sounds to me like you may have had a streak of broken things...hope next week things are better. Hugs!

  2. Happy Orchids! Congratulations on the successes of your class. Its always nice to read how well students are doing. Sorry about Sadie. Prayers she'll heal well. Hugs to You!

  3. You know I'll be thinking of Sadie, and of course you too. We feel so deeply for our animals. I've been told it's 'abnormal'.
    I don't think so, but thats ok if it is.
    Hugs to you and the Sadie girl' .

  4. Hope you are all doing all right considering what the weather has been


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