Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, October 1, 2015

NBG SHOW over but more to come!

I met another artist, from Berlin , Germany. He and his daughter talked with me for awhile, he was sketching in the Garden. Lovely people..

what I am painting now.. some flowers from Eva and some blue wildflowers I found growing near our home 

Show at NBG in Baker Hall

Both Sides of the hall and another wall were filled with my work.

HI , Well yesterday , Connie and I took my work down from the Baker Hall in NBG.  I was delighted to find out I had sold 9.. WOW.. small ones and they do get a percentage of course but I am so thankful. Jo, the Gift Shop manager, said she had so many lovely comments on my show.. and work. I was so tickled. It is so much work. and I appreciate it so when others like/love it. \

Next show is this Friday night members only to ESAL members. This is the members show. Grand Opening is next Friday night, Oct. 9th. Open to the public, this is in Onancock,Va. in Mary's Shop, The TWO SISTERS , art supply shop next to ESAL Gallery. Main St.

Next class is this Saturday at Norfolk Botanical Garden, NBG. But we have a  hurricane coming up the coast so we are watching the weather. Hoping Saturday will be ok for the class. I have to go across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and that is 17 miles long and they have to close it for high winds.. EEK... I hope not.

Beth and I just went to Eva's a lovely place. I could live there.. Hope everyone is safe and dry in all this weather. My love and hugs to you,Diana

PS this painting above is what I'm working on now. I found those delightful blue/purple flowers.. I have  to look them up. Anybody know what they are.. and I found out Maywyn and I are cousins... how about that.. I'm so glad .. she is a sweetheart.


  1. Great news about the show and sales!! Stay safe.

  2. Glad you've sold so much! Please be safe in the storm.

  3. Dear Diana- your work looks so amazing. How fun to get to visit in person with another artist from Germany. Your nee painting is gorgeous. I do know these blue flowers but they look like something I would love to see growing. Please keep safe friend I will be "looking up" for you. P.S. congratulations on your sales- you so deserve this success!

  4. Your artwork is beautiful, Diana. Its always wonderful to see what you are painting.
    Congratulations on the show!
    The bridge tunnel...My brother told me about the bridge. I took a look online. I get dizzy just looking at the photos. Prayers the weather is good

  5. Diana, you are such an inspiration, your work must bring pleasure to so many people. I saw your lovely butterflies in your paintings. Now have a lovely rest after all your hard work for the exhibition. Millyx


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